Biography - Bryce KB Beckett

Bryce KB Beckett
is an alternatively motivated photographer, drawing inspiration from community collaboration and natural human beauty. His enthusiasm for culture, involvement, and genuine interest in the human experience help him to reveal in his art a kind of raw and intelligent beauty.


  Interested in photography since a young age, Bryce finally purchased his first digital SLR camera while working in the coal mines of Tumbler Ridge.  There he began his learning and exploration as he purposefully decided to document his experiences as an adventurer. 

Through the last few years, Bryce has developed a keen eye for significance, and using avant-garde camera techniques, is able to capture spectacular moments and mundane occasions, and elevate both to new heights of uniqueness and poignancy.


  Lately, he's been spending more time fooling around in 'post processing' to come up with a finished piece.  A camera is but a tool used in the process of art.  Just as the mind decides the composition and subject through a lens, it can also continue the process on a laptop, via cropping, stitching, and bending.  Usually the post process technique is used with the intention of correcting small errors made during the initial capture or to make up for a lack of equipment such as filters or tilt and shift.  For Bryce, the Laptop is just another tool in the process.  He's even begun some post printing play with his images as he continues his exploration of art and photography.


 Pioneering the Digital Spaz style of shooting and editing in an effort to capture not only the light and shadow, but also the energy of his subject, Bryce has received recognition on the cover of Off-Centre magazine as well as being mentioned on CBC Radio.


  Whether it's altering the colours, exaggerating the contrast or clipping together a digital collage of his photos, the results are proving to be captivating and compositionally exciting. Through this process he is exploring and questioning where, if anywhere, the lines lay between a photo and an image.