Biography - Jerry Buzzell

Jerry Buzzell was born in Vermont, and was educated in the USA, Canada, Australia, and England. He has taught Biology in Universities in Australia and Canada, and Anatomy in Medical Schools in Canada, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. Although he had taken snapshots for most of his adult life, he only became serious about photography after 2000, while teaching in the UAE and learning about the natural history of the Arabian Peninsula as part of the Emirates Natural History Group. The landscapes, wildlife, people, and culture of the UAE and Oman (as well as photomicrography and electron micrography) were his main subjects during the academic year; during summer vacations, he explored similar subjects from his cottage on a lake in northeastern Vermont.


Jerry retired from academia in 2010 and he and his wife Linda became reversed snowbirds, spending summers in Vermont and winters in BC. His photographic interests continue to revolve around natural history. The Buzzells moved from the Shuswap to Penticton in 2012 and he is currently exploring photographic possibilities here in the southern Okanagan.


Examples of Jerry’s work can be seen at