Biography - Martin Marchyshyn

“A photograph can hold just as much as we put into it, and no one has ever approached the full possibilities of the medium.”

-- Ansel Easton Adams,  1902-1984
Photographer and Conservationist


It is said that what separates the photographer from the artist is this:  The photographer will create a technically good photograph;  The artist, on the other hand, will use whatever medium is at his or her disposal to say something meaningful.


I seek a balance at the intersection of photography and art - an interpretive rather than a literal approach:  As a photographer, I strive to capture a technically good image, a true representation of the subject;  As an artist, I use a variety of digital tools to clarify my vision of the subject, to allow the image to say something meaningful about itself in order to evoke an emotional response in its audience.


My photographic journey began in the days of film, pursuing my artistic vision the traditional “wet” darkroom.  With the advent of the “digital” darkroom, the tools that allow me to more fully realize my artistic vision are now available.  And the full possibilities of this new medium are destined to be far more extensive than even Ansel Adams could have imagined.