Biography - Nick Fitzhardinge

Nick Fitzhardinge set out from his home in Australia in 2006 to travel the world and take in some of its differing landscapes and cultures. Raised in Tasmania, a hiking Mecca, he was particularly inspired in Patagonia, The Canadian Rockies and New Zealand, all of which he has explored extensively.

Along the way he picked up his first DSLR & fell in love with photographing wide angle scenicís, unique weather phenomena & mountainous terrain, often backpacking with camera gear for days on end. What began as mere documentation has turned into a passion for seeking to create inspiring, professional level images that depict moments or places he feels connected to, or in awe of. Itís an ongoing learning process that he finds very rewarding.

He now calls the North Okanagan home & is hoping to settle in Canada, pursuing his dreams of photographing the natural beauty of British Columbia on a regular basis.