Biography - Ron Peace

Ron graduated from South Okanagan Secondary, my art instruction and inspiration under the tutelage of local artist Dave Nicholas. With a vision to continue my artistic exploration and education, life as they say, intervened and he ended up in the engineering field and started a  company. Troll Bridge Services, an bridge inspection, construction and consulting enterprise. I never lost my appreciation for all things visual and now with my professional career winding down I plan to focus on my first love, art, primarily photographic but exploring other mediums as well.

Ron has dabbled in sculpture
, sketching and painting but my focus has always been photography. I come from the era of film. I had a darkroom and explored that medium for my personal enjoyment and development. Transitioning very early on from film to digital capture primarily with regard to my business. Like many I have now have fully embraced digital photography and continue to explore and expand my skills. I am member of the executive of the Penticton Photography Cub.


Unique Captures Gallery Penticton
Penticton Library and Museum
Bellevue Cafe Gallery- Nature Show, Penticton
Hooked on Books Gallery, Penticton