Biography - Roy Hancliff

Roy Hancliff is a world renown inflight bird photographer, currently featuring his work in multiple art galleries, wildlife magazine covers, and hosted in various locations throughout the Internet.  Below is a little bit about Roy in his own words.

I was born in Oxford England.

My first real camera was  Nikon F2S with photomic head, longer ago than I care to remember.

I moved to Spain in 1985 with my wife Sharon for a better climate and simpler life. Photography took a back seat as we carved out a living.

We finally moved to Canada in 2003, settling in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. I now had the time to dedicate to my passion of photography that had been put on hold for so long. I chose to concentrate on Birds in flight as they have always intrigued me. I wanted to capture the beauty of nature that is not normally visible to the naked eye. Even Birds that we consider to be common and uninteresting come into their own element when wings are frozen in mid flight.

I often find myself sitting in a hide  at temperatures of -15 C trying to capture that all important shot. Or in the case of the Hummingbirds +35 C with sweat running down the backs of my legs but I would not have it any other way. I study their flight patterns and feeding habits for hours to determine where they will come into the frame, every bird has a completely different approach as they feed.

I think it would be fair to say that whatever the shot it is calculated and taken in my mind before I even begin.

I hope that you enjoy my site and it has given you a different perspective into Bird and Insect inflight photography.

My latest works, while photographic in conception have evolved to incorporate new technologies, like putting the images on metal, that has not often been done  so I am able to stretch the medium and find a niche that not many have explored. This use of iconic and sometimes dramatic imagery used with the metal as the substrate creates an image that will leave you awestruck and sometimes even in tears. The image floats on a somewhat reflective surface that not only conveys the image of the subject but also the feeling of life that is not always easy to relate on paper. The translucence of the ink lets light pass through it and then back out to help the iridescence of the colours live in light.




The original flicker print shown below
is a one of a kind on 48"x60" sheet of aluminium.
This rare collectors print is a "1 of 1" and will never be duplicated.
Contact the gallery for pricing.